Satisfaction Guarantee

    We are well aware that buying jewellery is not a trivial matter for you and that you want to be absolutely sure you have made the right choice. Therefore we guarantee top quality in all aspects.

    Ethical origin

    We only use conflict-free gemstones, gold and other materials. We carefully select the suppliers and we only work with verified and, if possible, local sources.


    Every jewel that is sent to the customer first passes through the hands of experienced goldsmiths in our Prague atelier. We don’t send our jewellery out into the world until we are absolutely convinced of its perfection in both appearance and quality.


    We work with other jewellers, forensic experts and professionals in our field. We are part of the Prague Goldsmiths Centre. Thanks to our suppliers and partners, we are able to provide you with complex services, individual adjustments and custom jewellery production.

    Certificate of authenticity

    We deliver all jewels with a certificate of authenticity, where you can find information about the exact materials and gemstones from which they are made.

    State hallmark

    The jewels also have the responsibility mark and the state hallmark of the Czech Republic, that confirms the authenticity and purity of the metal. We hallmark gold jewellery when the weight of pure gold exceeds 0.52 g and silver jewellery when the net weight exceeds 3.49 g.

    60 days for returns

    You buy jewellery to last your whole life and it is often passed from generation to generation. We want to make sure that you have enough time to take a good look at it, try it and get used to it. That’s why we give you a 60-day period to return your jewellery for a refund.

    Online service

    For your comfort and convenience, you can find any service you need online: we will resize rings or adjust the lengths of necklaces, offer thicker or thinner chains, replace earring fastenings and more… We ensure your absolute satisfaction in the shortest time possible.

    Lifelong service

    We offer a lifelong customer service on all the jewels you buy at Klenota.