Ring sizes

Would you like to buy a ring from us but you need to work out the right size? With our help you will be able to do it easily. We custom make rings exactly to your measurements and you can specify the size you need direct in the notes section when you make your order. If it should happen that the ring doesn’t fit, we will adjust it for you to the exact size free of charge.

How are ring sizes stated:

  • Inner diameter (e.g. 16 mm)
  • Inner circumference, also known as the EU size (e.g. 53 mm = EU size 53, 62 mm = EU size 62) – you can work out the inner circumference of the ring by measuring the circumference of the finger.
    You can find out the correct UK size by ring size chart

We have prepared a straightforward guide for you on:

KLENOTA ring sizes

The KLENOTA jewellery studio prides itself on crafting genuine jewellery by hand. Therefore please bear in mind that if we have the ring of your dreams in stock, it means that that model is immediately available in only a few selected sizes. If we have the size you need in stock, we can send the ring to you immediately or prepare it for collection. If the size you need is not in stock however, we will get the ring made for you by one of our skilled goldsmiths. The timeframe for delivery of the ring can therefore stretch out to 4 weeks.

Standard sizes of KLENOTA rings

  • for women's rings: sizes I ½ - R ½  
  • for men's rings: sizes Q ½ – X ½

Non-standard sizes of KLENOTA rings

  • for women's rings: sizes H and below and S and above
  • for men's rings: sizes Q and below and Y and above

There is an extra fee charged on any orders of rings in non-standard sizes. This fee is determined on a case by case basis. Please note that rings in non-standard sizes are considered to be customised pieces of jewellery and so they cannot be returned or exchanged. For this reason we also require an upfront deposit of 50% for such jewellery orders.

Ring size chart: 

Women's ring sizes (standard size I ½ - R ½ )

EU size Inner diameter (mm) USA size UK size







3 18




3 ½

G ½







4 ½

I ½







5 ¼

J ½



5 ½








6 ½

M ½







7 ¼




7 ¾








8 ½

Q ½




R ½



9 ½




9 ¾

S ½

Men's ring sizes (standard size Q ½ – X ½)

EU size Inner diameter (mm) USA size UK size



8 ½

Q ½




R ½



9 ½




9 ¾

S ½




T ½



10 58

U ½







11 38





W ½



12 ¼

X ½



12 ½





Z ½







13 ½












14 ½







What to do when you need to choose between two ring sizes

If you are not sure about the size of the ring you need, we recommend ordering a smaller size. Increasing the ring by 1-2 sizes is relatively easy for goldsmiths, but reducing the size is more technically complex and time consuming.

When it comes to rings with a wider band on the other hand, it is safer to choose a larger size because these rings usually have a tighter fit than rings with a thin band. For rings which have precious stones or an engraving around the entire circumference of the ring, resizing can be problematic.

In the vast majority of cases, we try not to interfere with the ring again and instead replace it with a new one. 

It is a condition of any exchange that you return the ring to us in its original condition, in other words, completely unworn.

Ring size adjustments

It is a condition of any free ring adjustment or resizing that you return the ring to us in the same condition that you received it in – that is, unworn. This ring adjustment service is free within 60 days of purchase and any requests beyond this timeframe will incur a fee.

Rings in standard sizes

  • We will adjust rings in standard sizes (I ½ - R ½ for women's rings and Q ½ – X ½ for men's rings) for free within 60 days of you receiving the jewellery.
  • If you find that the size of the ring is not right for you, avoid wearing it altogether and send the ring to us, or visit us at our studio where we will adjust or exchange it for you for another size free of charge.
  • If you need to adjust the size by more than two sizes, we will make you a new ring. This service is free within 60 days of purchase. If the ring has been worn, then a resizing fee for the ring will be determined on a case by case basis.

Rings in non-standard sizes

  • There is a fee charged for ring size adjustments on women's rings in sizes H (inclusive) and below and sizes S (inclusive) and above as well as men's rings sizes Q (inclusive) and below and sizes Y (inclusive) and above.
  • If the ring size can’t be adjusted (ie. the difference between the original and the new size is too big), the cost of making a ring in the new size will be determined on a case by case basis.
  • Any rings purchased in the non-standard sizes outlined above cannot be returned or exchanged as they are considered to be customised jewellery which has been adjusted to the customer’s specifications.

Rings with engravings

  • If you would like to adjust the size of a ring which you have already had engraved, the cost of the size adjustment will be determined on a case by case basis.

Our specialist jewelers will be able to make the most appropriate decision on whether to modify an existing ring or make a new one. Apart from the size itself, several factors play a role in this decision, including any special patterns on the ring or the method used to set any gemstones. We therefore approach each ring modification individually and thanks to the professionalism of our experts, you won’t have to worry that the changes made will affect the future wear of the ring since we always maintain the original character of the jewellery.

Timeframes for ring adjustments

  • We typically make adjustments to rings in standard sizes within 3 weeks of receipt. When it comes to some jewellery with a specific design or when modifying jewellery by more than two sizes, it is usually necessary to make a brand new ring. In this case, the timeframe may be longer.
  • Rings in non-standard sizes cannot be returned or exchanged and the timeframe for any adjustments requested on such rings is around 4 weeks.

Ring engravings

  • Engravings are assessed for each style of ring on an individual basis, based on the type of jewellery as well as the width, shape and type of any gem setting. To make it easy to read, we recommend choosing a ring with a width of at least 1.7 - 2.0 mm. Any jewellery which has been engraved is considered to be customised jewellery and as such cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • We engrave wedding rings free of charge. The price of engraving other jewellery is £20 for up to 6 characters and £40 for more than 6 characters. When ordering a piece of jewellery with an engraving, we require an upfront deposit of 20% of the price of the jewellery. The timeframe to make a piece of jewellery with an engraving is 3 weeks.

How to work out the correct ring size

The ideal and easiest way to find out the size of the ring is to order a test measuring ring from us which we will send out to you for free. But there are situations in life when this solution is simply not possible. This is especially true when it comes to buying an engagement ring where the man wants to surprise his future fiancée. How to do this without the slightest bit of suspicion? If you are not sure about the size of the ring you need to buy then read on for our tips on how to secretly find out the size of the ring or measure it correctly.

A few tips to start:

  • You can use the inner diameter of the ring to determine its size (you can easily find out the size using the conversion table below). With some measurement methods you will get the ring's inner circumference, or the UK size (an inner circumference measurement of 53 mm corresponds to UK size M ½, etc.)
  • A finger's size varies depending on the temperature and the time of day. For that reason, measure your finger at room temperature during the day. It is best to repeat the measurement 3 or 4 times to prevent possible errors.
  • If you are deciding between two sizes, choose the smaller one. It is not difficult to have the ring enlarged, but size reduction is more demanding. Besides, silver rings can stretch slightly over time.
  • Wide bands tend to fit more tightly than thin ones. In this case, when deciding between two sizes, it is better to choose the bigger one.
  • The most common women’s sizes for wedding rings (the left ring finger) are M and M ½; for men, the most common sizes range from R ½ to S ½.
  • If your knuckle is much larger than the base of your finger, you should take this into consideration during the measurement. It is important that you are able to pull the ring over the knuckle comfortably. It may fit a bit loosely but you can rest assured that it will not slip off.
  • For rings with many gemstones or engravings, size adjustment may be problematic. In these cases, it really is better to have the size measured by an expert, even at the cost of giving away the surprise.

How to determine the ring size using another matching ring

If you have another ring available that you know fits well, you can determine the exact size quickly and conveniently - either by measuring it yourself or by visiting any jeweller. This is, of course, the simplest option and the easiest way to figure out the right size while keeping the ring a secret (you can borrow a suitable ring without your loved one noticing).

Measuring using a ruler

The easiest method is to measure the inner diameter of the available ring using a ruler. Writing the diameter in millimetres in your online order will suffice. Alternatively, you can use this number to determine the correct ring size using the conversion table above (and then enter both numbers in the note on the order). EU sizing is the most common sizing used in the Czech Republic.

This size determination method is ideal for men who are choosing an engagement ring for their loved one and do not know the size but have the opportunity to secretly measure a ring that their partner usually wears on the left ring finger.

Measuring using a mandrel (in our atelier or in other jeweller's shops)

Another option in determining ring size is to use a mandrel. It is most commonly made of metal and has 4 specific scales - EU sizes, US sizes, UK sizes and inner diameter. The measurer puts the ring on the mandrel and determines its exact size.

A tip for you: You can make an alternative to the mandrel at home if you don't have a jeweller nearby. Roll a piece of paper into the inside of the ring and, with a pencil, trace a circle where the ring touches the paper. Then, measure the resulting mark to find out the UK size.

How to determine the ring size without a matching ring

If you don't have a model ring to go by, you will have to determine the ring size by directly measuring the finger. In this case it's much more difficult to keep the secret hidden. You can try to measure your partner’s finger while she's asleep or by using a cover story (for example, you can say that you need help choosing a fictitious gift for a relative with similarly sized hands).

When choosing wedding rings it is necessary to know the size of the left ring fingers of both the future bride and the future groom. Especially in the case of the man's ring, there is often no model.

Measuring using special rings (in our atelier or in other jeweller's shops)

When using the measuring rings you can test which size fits the best for you. Choose the size in which the ring sits tight on the finger but you can still comfortably pull it over the knuckle. Usually there’s a whole bundle of different-sized measuring rings, so you can easily try them on and choose the right size. Plastic and metal rings are most commonly used. This method requires an in-person visit to a jeweller.

Measuring using a string

You can also measure the size using a string: wrap the string around your finger and then measure the string’s length with a ruler. Make sure that the string does not stretch. You can also use dental floss - it is not elastic and most people have it on-hand. When measuring, mind the knuckle over which the ring needs to be pulled. Our recommendation, from experience, is that you measure the finger tightly at the knuckle. By this method you will find out the ring's inner circumference, i.e. the UK size.

Measuring using a strip of paper

If you don't have string or dental floss on-hand, you can cut a strip of paper and wrap it around the finger. Proceed in the same way as if you were measuring with a string. It is very important to wrap the paper tightly – otherwise it's easy to overestimate the finger size.

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