Modified jewellery

Do you like one of our designs but you’d like to modify it a little? Since we make our jewellery ourselves, we can offer you the option of customising the jewellery to your liking.

Modified jewellery is jewellery which has been adapted to the customer's wishes. Unlike with custom made jewellery, modified jewellery does not need a brand new design and an existing piece of jewellery can simply be adapted without the need to interfere with the original design of it.

The most frequent modification requests from our clients:

  • a different closure (e.g. a pushback instead of a screwback on earrings)
  • shortening or lengthening a bracelet or necklace
  • a non-standard ring size
  • a different colour of gemstone (in order to change to a different type of stone, an individual assessment is required – for example, it is usually not possible to exchange a diamond for another gemstone)
  • special surface treatment for the jewellery (e.g. matt/sandblasted)
  • changing the width of the band on wedding rings
  • engraving
  • changing the colour of gold

All of these changes are noted down and registered as a modified jewellery order. The modification requested is priced taking into account the material and work involved. When it comes to modified jewellery, it is customised jewellery and it cannot be returned, exchanged, or altered for free. For modified orders, we require an upfront deposit of at least 20% of the price of the order. In the event that an order which is already in the process of being made is cancelled, the deposit is not refunded and is used to cover the costs incurred during production.

Custom made jewellery

Custom made jewellery is a design process in which we create a bespoke piece of jewellery - according to an idea, design or customer request. Bespoke jewellery production includes all client requests where it is necessary to first create a model of the piece of jewellery - that is, create a design in 3D software and then have the jeweler completely hand make a unique piece of jewellery based on the customer’s wishes. This is a complex process that involves all our teams, from sales to design, through to product and production.

When we make the jewellery, we pay attention to the smallest details. It is necessary to take into account not only the visual appearance of a brand new, unique piece of jewellery but also the parameters of how it is made - functionality, the available options inherent in its design as well as durability. It’s a time-consuming and technically demanding process where emphasis is placed on an individual approach, the highest quality and superior service.

What we are able to do

  • create a piece of jewellery for a different size or type of stone
  • create a piece of jewellery with a different number of stones and a different type of faceting
  • hand make a piece of jewellery according to the specifications (no 3D software is used)
  • model a piece of jewellery in 3D based on your own ideas

Production times and price

The production time of custom made jewellery is always individual and is influenced by the overall complexity, availability of stones, the design itself, including preparations for the work itself as well as the testing.

We estimate the price taking into account the type of design, the production method, the material and gemstones used as well as the amount of work involved. For custom jewellery we require an upfront deposit of 50% of the price of the jewellery. In the event that an order which is already in the process of being made is cancelled, the deposit is not refunded and is used to cover the costs incurred during production. Custom made jewellery is bespoke jewellery which has been tailor-made to the customer’s specifications and as such it cannot be returned, exchanged, or modified for free.

Would you like us to make you a bespoke piece of jewellery?

Contact us on +420 603 219 313 or email us at Please provide as much information as possible, ideally accompanied by a photo or a drawing. We will be happy to also discuss your ideas with you at our studio in the centre of Prague.

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