The arrival of a newborn is a unique moment which can't be compared to anything else. In recent years, the practice of giving a gift to a woman after the birth of her child has become more common. These gifts are known as 'push presents' and they demonstrate to a woman how much her partner values her. Popular choices for such gifts are authentic jewels, which will serve as a reminder of this special moment for many years to come.

    We have chosen THE PERFECT GIFTS

    We have prepared a selection of the most popular jewellery from our collection which make perfect gifts to celebrate the birth of a baby. You could make your choice according to colour - a pink stone for a girl or blue for a baby boy, or even based on the month of birth. Or choose based on symbolism; a key opens a new chapter while a heart says it all... What's more, each puchase comes with a luxury gift box, a certificate of authenticity and free delivery.