Ring sizing and adjustments

    At the KLENOTA jewellery studio, we believe in the craft of traditional jewellery making, which is why we make all of our jewellery right in our studio in the center of Prague. Our experienced team of goldsmiths approaches each piece of jewellery with love and attention to detail and behind its final shape there are several dozens of hours of dedicated work by hand.

    Rings in particular deserve special attention. They have a long history and are especially significant since they’re an integral part of important milestones such as marriage proposals, weddings, the birth of a child as well as graduations and birthdays. Each ring is unique and original, whether it be because of the cut of the diamond in it, the type of precious stone or the metal chosen. You can choose from minimalist all the way to luxury rings with diamonds and other precious stones.

    We buy jewellery for life so we need to be absolutely sure that it will not only please but also fit well. For this reason you need to be sure to choose the right ring size when buying a ring. But how to do this?

    Here is a detailed guide for you on:

    How to work out the correct ring size

    The ideal and easiest way to find out the size of the ring is to order a test measuring ring from us which we will send out to you for free. But there are situations in life when this solution is simply not possible. This is especially true when it comes to buying an engagement ring where the man wants to surprise his future fiancée. How to do this without the slightest bit of suspicion? If you are not sure about the size of the ring you need to buy then read on for our tips on how to secretly find out the size of the ring or measure it correctly.

    KLENOTA ring sizes

    The KLENOTA jewellery studio prides itself on crafting genuine jewellery by hand. Therefore please bear in mind that if we have the ring of your dreams in stock, it means that that model is immediately available in only a few selected sizes. If we have the size you need in stock, we can send the ring to you immediately or prepare it for collection. If the size you need is not in stock however, we will arrange to have the ring made by one of our skilled goldsmiths. The timeframe for delivery of the ring can thus stretch out to 4 weeks.

    Standard sizes of KLENOTA rings

    • for women's rings: sizes  I½ - R½ bei Damenringen: 
    • for men's rings: sizes UK: Q½ - X½

    Non-standard sizes of KLENOTA rings

    • for women's rings: sizes H and below and S and above
    • for men's rings: sizes Q and below and Y and above

    There is an extra fee changed on any orders for rings in non-standard sizes. This fee is determined on a case by case basis. Please note that rings in non-standard sizes are considered to be custom tailored pieces of jewellery and so they cannot be returned or exchanged. For this reason we also require a deposit of 20% for such jewellery orders.

    What to do when you need to choose between two ring sizes

    If you are not sure about the size of the ring you need, we recommend ordering a smaller size. Increasing the ring by 1-2 sizes is relatively easy for goldsmiths, but reducing the size is more technically complex and time consuming.

    When it comes to rings with a wider band on the other hand, it is safer to choose a larger size because these rings usually have a tighter fit than rings with a thin band. For rings which have precious stones or an engraving around the entire circumference, resizing can be problematic.

    In the vast majority of cases, we try not to interfere with the ring again and instead replace it with a new one. It is a condition of any exchange that you return the ring to us in its original condition, in other words completely unworn.

    Adjusting the size of a ring

    It is a condition of any free ring adjustment or resizing that you return the ring to us in the same condition which you received it in – that is, unworn. This service is free within 60 days of purchase and any requests beyond this timeframe will incur a fee.

    Rings in standard sizes

    • We will adjust rings in standard sizes (I½ - R½ for women's rings and Q½ - X½ for men's rings) for free within 60 days of you receiving the jewellery.
    • If you find that the size of the ring does not suit you, avoid wearing it altogether and send the ring to us, or visit us at our studio where we will adjust or exchange it for you for another size free of charge.
    • If you need to adjust the size by more than two sizes, we will make you a new ring. This service is free within 60 days of purchase. If the ring has been worn, then a resizing fee for the ring will be determined on a case by case basis.

    Rings in non-standard sizes

    • There is a fee charged for ring size adjustments on women's rings in sizes H (inclusive) and below and sizes S (inclusive) and above as well as men's rings sizes Q (inclusive) and below and sizes Y (inclusive) and above.
    • If the ring size can’t be adjusted (ie. the difference between the original and the new size is too big), the cost of making a ring in the new size is determined on a case by case basis.
    • Any rings purchased in the non-standard sizes outlined above cannot be returned or exchanged as they are considered to be customized jewellery which has been adapted to the customer’s specifications.

    Rings with engravings

    • If you would like to adjust the size of a ring which you have already had engraved, the cost of the size adjustment will be determined on a case by case basis.

    Our specialist jewellers will be able to make the most appropriate decision on whether to modify a new ring or make a new one. Apart from the size itself, several factors play a role in this decision including any special patterns on it or the method used to set any gemstones. We therefore approach each ring modification individually and thanks to the professionalism of our experts, you won’t have to worry that the changes made will affect the future wear of the ring since we always maintain the original character of the jewellery.

    How to return a ring for adjustment

    • Send any unworn ring to us to the address below within 60 days of you receiving it.
    • Before posting the ring to us, please complete this form and state the new ring size you would like on the form. Post the jewellery along with the completed form to

      BPM 381080
      372 Old St.
      EC1V 9AU
      London, United Kingdom

    • If the ring you ordered is in a non-standard size (for women's rings this includes sizes H and below and sizes S inclusive and above while for men's rings this includes sizes Q and below and sizes Y inclusive and above), write to us first at We will send you a cost estimate for the ring adjustment first and after that we will work out the next steps with you.
    • A ring which we have already adjusted in size cannot be returned or exchanged even within 60 days of purchase as this is a piece of jewellery which has been customised to the customer’s specifications.

    Timeframes for ring adjustments

    • We typically make adjustments to rings in standard sizes within 3 weeks of receipt. When it comes to some jewellery with a specific design or when modifying jewellery by more than two sizes it is usually necessary to make a brand new ring. In this case, the timeframe may be longer.
    • Rings in non-standard sizes cannot be returned or exchanged and the timeframe for any adjustments requested on such rings is around 4 weeks.

    Ring engraving

    • Engravings are assessed for each style of ring on an individual basis, based on the type of jewellery as well as the width, shape and type of any gem setting. To make it easy to read, we recommend choosing a ring with a width of at least 1.7 - 2.0 mm. Any jewellery which has been engraved is considered to be customised jewellery and as such cannot be returned or exchanged.
    • We engrave wedding rings free of charge. The price of engraving other jewellery is £18 for up to 6 characters and £38 for more than 6 characters. When ordering a piece of jewellery with an engraving, we require an upfront deposit of 20% of the price of the jewellery. The timeframe to make a piece of jewellery with an engraving is 3 weeks.