A baptism symbolises the rebirth of a child and the beginning of their journey to faith. In most cases, it is the first significant event in a baby's life and only the godparents and the closest family are usually present. Gold jewellery which will one day become a special reminder of this significant moment is perfect as a christening gift.   

Though the gift will be given to a baby, don't forget the most important thing: you will be  giving a memento first and foremost, so you don't need to limit yourself to baby themes. To help you choose, we've put together a few tips.

bracelet for daughter and mother made of white 14k gold - KLENOTA children's necklace made of 14k gold with diamonds - KLENOTA

Simple necklaces and bracelets - versatile jewellery that will last a lifetime

Gold chains can be given to a baby regardless of the gender. A fine rose gold chain will suit a little schoolgirl, a teenage girl, or a grown woman one day. She can wear it on its own and in time, perhaps add a pendant to it to suit her tastes.

For boys, we recommend choosing slightly bigger chains made of white or yellow gold. The intertwined or alternating links on a wider chain give it a sophisticated impression.

Classic chains are often given together with a gold bracelet as a set. However, a simple chain bracelet can also make a separate gift. The symbolism of your gift can also be beautifully highlighted with a gemstone chosen based on the star sign of the baby. But if you’d rather avoid colors and you want to choose a truly universal gift, a diamond bracelet is a great solution.

necklace with strawberry pendant in yellow 14k gold - KLENOTA gold bracelet with heart for girl - KLENOTA

Jewellery with an original engraving: add a touch of personal magic to your gift

A gift from a godmother or godfather becomes more unique if you choose jewellery suitable for engraving and get it engraved with a message that your goddaughter or godson will read in a few years. It could be a date, a dedication, a short motto or perhaps a simple symbol.

Bracelets and necklaces with a longer plate are particularly suitable for engraving, while heart-shaped pendants and medallions are also very popular. Moreover, gold medallions symbolise loyalty, love and respect and due to their minimalist design, they suit both boys and girls.

gold locket with diamond in yellow 14k gold - KLENOTA

Earrings as a girl’s first real piece of jewellery

Among the typical first gifts for little girls, whether for their christening or perhaps for a birthday, are their first earrings. There are children’s gold earrings in many playful designs In the KLENOTA range that suit little girls and that make them happy. And thanks to the front closure on the earrings, there is no danger of them getting lost while children play.

But many parents today let their daughters decide for themselves when they're older whether they want to pierce their ears or not. So you can think ahead to this moment and simply choose minimalist gold hoops or stud earrings. Tiny diamonds or pearls will also form a beautiful basis for your goddaughter's jewellery box.

gold earrings for girl - KLENOTA children's earrings with a brizura clasp in rose gold - KLENOTA

Jewellery full of meaning: symbols and traditions

Some shapes have carried deep meanings for centuries or even millennia. A Christian tradition for christenings is a bracelet or a necklace decorated with a cross pendant. A gold cherub or heart jewellery can also be given as a symbol of faith and love.

And have you ever heard of tanzanite? Discovered only in 1967 by the indigenous Maasai people, this gemstone has quickly become very popular and is even referred to as the stone of the 20th century. It is also called the stone of rebirth and tanzanite jewellery has become a typical gift for the birth of a first child. Tanzanites are perfect when celebrating a special occasion such as a christening, since they are themselves very rare and special.

white gold necklace with tanzanite and diamond - KLENOTA