All crucial moments in our lives deserve a token of remembrance in the form of jewellery. Graduation is not an exception. However, what is an appropriate gift for a fresh graduate that’s fulfilled all their study requirements? We have a few ideas for you.

As there aren’t any specific traditions to direct you in this case, you can employ all your imagination and look for a gift that’s truly unique--especially among our pendants with gemstones, earrings or bracelets.

Gold necklaces with diamonds - KLENOTA

Gold and diamonds: a timeless classic

Show you’re proud of the grad with timeless gold earrings with diamonds. A well-educated lady will undoubtedly make use of them for business meetings, trips to the theatre or special parties or balls. If you’re looking for a really breathtaking gift, you can add a matching pendant, too!

Diamond stud earrings in white gold - KLENOTA

Charming pearl sets

Cleopatra loved her pearls, and for good reason! Subtle pearl earrings delicately highlight any woman’s beauty; and therefore, they are very suitable as a graduation gift. A pearl bracelet might become their perfect companion.

Earrings with freshwater pearls - KLENOTA

Distinctive pieces

Drawing from less traditional alternatives, bold and colourful jewels are becoming popular these days. Does the graduate like unique decorations? How about making her smile with a stunning ruby pendant and earrings?

Remember – graduation is the start of a new chapter in one’s life. Taking into account this new life situation, the recent graduate may change her clothes or her overall style. Therefore, graduation might be a great opportunity to give her the first luxurious piece of jewellery in her jewellery box--an elegant accessory that she’ll make use of even for more formal occasions.

Gold rings with special surfaces - KLENOTA