Christmas time at KLENOTA

    Are you planning on shopping for Christmas gifts at You can find all the information and dates you might need right here on this page - as well as some gift inspiration for your loved ones! Everything is conveniently organized in one place.

    Important dates

    Guaranteed international delivery

    4.12.   Jewellery with standard processing and delivery time (1-2 weeks)
    11.12. Express jewellery (jewellery in stock)

    Orders must be placed by these dates, otherwise delivery cannot be guaranteed.

    How to pick the perfect gift

    Not sure about exactly which gift to give? Contact us and we will be pleased to help you. You can also see our published articles with helpful gift ideas. 

    Jewels are like flowers, they’ll please every woman on every occasion. Your daughter or granddaughter will be enchanted by heart- or flower-shaped children’s earrings. Your girlfriend will be dazzled by the ultimate timeless beauty - a gorgeous, sparkling diamond. You can choose the perfect show-stopper from our wide collection of pendants, rings and earrings. But if you’re planning the ultimate surprise, there’s no better gift than an engagement ring with a stunning brilliant. Alongside diamonds, every lady should have some beautiful, classic pearls in her jewellery box. If your wife, girlfriend or mother doesn’t own pearls yet, now is the time to solve that.