The wedding ring is a symbol for one's love and unity for their partners. At the wedding ceremony it is exchanged as proof of commitment. First the man puts the ring on the woman, then the woman puts the other ring on the man. We wear the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand.


What should your wedding ring look like?

Simple or Decorated?
With or without diamonds?
In a matching design with the engagement ring?
In the same design for both men and women?
JEANS will advise you about choosing your wedding rings.

We know how hard it is to make a decision about something you will wear your whole life. For wedding rings, we place the emphasis on high quality material, precious stones and exceptional design, so the ring can be worn for life and you won't get tired of it.

In our collection you will find wedding rings in matching designs - for women, the ring is decorated with diamonds and for men, without stones. You can also choose non-matching rings for men and women. An interesting option for women may be sets of engagement and wedding rings, which forms an interesting whole.

Single ring design

Both wedding rings, for women and for men, are in a matching design and from the same material. The ring for the woman is adorned with diamonds.

One ring for a woman, another for a man

These wedding rings have different designs and are made of different material. Both partners choose a ring according to their preference - yellow or white gold, with or without diamonds.

Engagement and wedding ring set for a woman

This is an interesting solution for women who want to have their engagement ring and wedding ring co-ordinated. The set of engagement rings and wedding rings form a harmonious pair on the hand.

How do you choose wedding rings?

It is good to make a few things clear before the selection. It is always better to have at least a basic idea of ​​how you want your wedding ring to look and to know at least one of the ring's parameters - price, material, matching or non-matching styles, with or without stones.

Price - clarify how many rings you want or can spend
Wedding rings JEWELLERY in a pair start at about 13 000 CZK, or you can also find luxurious pieces, whose price can climb to over CZK 80,000. Everyone chooses us.

What kind of metal does the ring have to be?
If you like or wear more white gold, then definitely choose white gold wedding rings - or you can always choose an interesting alternative, such as rose gold or a combination gold ring.

What stone do you want in the ring? The most popular jewel in wedding rings is a diamond.
Do you want one stone or more in the ring?
Do you want a ring of simple appearance (simple ring) or something more elegant (stronger ring with decoration)?
Do you want matching rings or do you want a more unique look?
Size of the rings? How to find the right size will help you here.
What about a wedding ring?

If the man can not slip the bride's ring over her joint, the wife will rule in marriage.
If the wedding ring falls to the ground during the ceremony, the newlyweds will be unlucky and the witness would be taken away.