Stylish jewellery for 2021 that you’ll want to wear

This year might still have many unknowns, but one thing’s for sure. We definitely won’t be bored when it comes to jewellery. Check out what trends will dominate in the world of jewellery making and have a think about which one of these might have the best chance of breaking into your carefully guarded jewellery box. Will it be opulent pearls, a personal good luck charm in the form of a locket, or will you finally get those hoop earrings that you’ve been talking about for so long?

 Gold pendant with a medallion in a luxury gift box - KLENOTA  earrings circles in yellow gold - KLENOTA

Boho style pearl jewellery

All indications are that we’ll want to wear pearl jewellery even more than last year. But this time it won’t just be those nice and inconspicuous types of pearls. It will be massive pearls, baroque pearls and layered pearls. So what does this mean for you? Even if you’re not about to go to the state opera, pull out your string of pearls if you have one and wrap it around your neck or wrist several times. Or buy yourself a brand new pair of gold earrings with baroque pearls such as the ones from the KLENOTA Jewellery Studio.

Layered chains at the neck

Have you loved layering your jewellery recently? Then you’ll enjoy doing more of it this year as well. Necklaces and chains were definitely featured heavily on the catwalks which revealed jewellery trends for the coming year. Famous brands showed off varieties of beads, massive chain necklaces and long chains with a pendant. And how might you be inspired by these? Simply mix your favourite pieces, even if you feel that they don't get along that well at first glance. What matters is how it all looks together. It’s a green light on combining different types and sizes of chains. You can also incorporate necklaces made of natural stones or pearls and among them somewhere should also be some personally significant medallion. Just engage your creativity and intuition and a great resulting effect will be guaranteed.

Gold necklaces with diamonds - KLENOTA layering  minimalist elegant chains with diamonds in white and yellow gold - KLENOTA

Large earrings and hoops

Large earrings and hoops are back center stage. However if you’re not into being excessively extravagant, then you could instead go with medium size hoops around one to two inches in diameter. Investing in such timeless pieces of jewellery is definitely worth it. Hoops are suitable for any occasion, and you can also play around with them beautifully. If you have more holes in your ear, accessorise your hoop earrings with a smaller diamond stud for instance. Or you could decorate one or both of the earrings with a small pendant.

 diamond earrings rings in yellow gold - KLENOTA  diamond rings with diamonds in white gold - KLENOTA

Jewellery with colour gemstones

Genuine gemstones steadfastly resist fashion trends. Nonetheless even with these we can observe the growing popularity of natural stones which we didn’t even know about a few years ago. And so alongside the so-called big three of gemstones which are made up of rubies, emeralds and sapphires, there are stones such as the sublime pastel coloured morganite, the green amethyst, the multicoloured tourmaline or the black diamond. It is also impossible to overlook how much the demand for engagement rings with colour gemstones has increased. This may well be related to the overall trend in original weddings which have been more guided by the individual tastes and needs of the bride and groom, and which increasingly deviate more and more from the established norms.

And we have one more suggestion for you which actually happens to be the most important one. The most stylish thing is to wear jewellery that expresses your personality and with which you feel yourself at one. Such jewellery will serve you the best and it will exactly fulfill your expectations of what you expect from jewellery. It will give you confidence and will highlight your natural beauty.

Take a look at the wide selection of jewellery made by hand in the very heart of Prague by the KLENOTA jewellery studio.