Wanting to look pretty and to decorate themselves is often something which little girls like to do from an early age. What’s more, quality jewellery is not only decorative, but due to its long lasting nature, it serves as a memory of childhood even after many years have passed. This is why here at the Klenota jewellery studio, we have decided to create a collection for children full of charming designs. And who knows, perhaps some of these children's jewellery pieces will eventually be passed down in families from generation to generation for a long time to come.

Gold jewellery is long lasting

In our newly expanded collection, you will be able to choose different types of jewellery for your little princesses in all gold colours. For example, there are classic earrings made of yellow gold for those that are more traditionally minded and chains with pendants made of white gold as well as jewellery with diamonds in rose gold for all little ladies. And why is gold one of the most suitable materials for children's jewellery? Because of its properties - it is hypoallergenic, it withstands daily wear and it needs only minimal care.

children's gold flower earrings with diamonds KLENOTA children's gold bracelet with heart KLENOTA

Favourite animals

What child isn’t fascinated by animals. If your little one really likes butterflies, little birdies or ladybugs, you most probably have a potential theme from our collection already worked out. You will find ladybugs in the form of stud earrings, little birds which decorate earrings and chains and butterflies which also decorate bracelets.

gold earrings with diamonds in ladybird motif - KLENOTA

Inspired by nature

Animals aren’t the only theme inspired by nature. For little girls, the collection also includes shamrocks. They stand out nicely in sets, as earrings and a chain with a pendant.

children's set of necklace and earrings made of 14k gold with triangle motif KLENOTA

Delicate just like little girls

Designs with hearts and teardrops are especially delicate and are suitable for both very young girls as well as for older teenage girls. You will find teardrop designs on earrings and chains and hearts which also decorate bracelets.

gold bracelets with flowers for mother and daughter KLENOTA children's gold earrings with diamonds with drop motif KLENOTA

When choosing, take into account the age and personality of the child

Like adults, children need their jewellery to match their lifestyle. For example, for the constantly on the go active little girl, stud earrings would be practical while little misses who already feel some responsibility for their jewellery will also be able to take care of a chain with a pendant or bracelet. So whatever the occasion which you need to choose children’s jewellery for, there are many options in this collection.

children's collection of gold jewellery with diamonds KLENOTA