An engagement ring ideally shouldn’t be the last piece of jewellery a woman receives from her partner. So enough with the practical gifts already. There are many situations when it’s appropriate to give jewellery as a gift. Jewellery as a Christmas present? Why not! Or in addition to a bunch of roses, you also dazzle your partner on your anniversary with a sparkly jewel. Yes, absolutely!

In general, you have two options when choosing a piece of jewellery: take a risk and opt for something completely original that will liven up the monotony of your wife's wardrobe. Or stick to the tried and tested classics and maybe buy her earrings for instance to create a set with a diamond pendant that your darling one wears almost daily and that she has nothing to combine with.

If you choose the first, bolder option, because you want to really surprise your beloved, we recommend sticking to certain principles and not choosing a piece of jewellery completely at random. The simple rule is: to have at least one common feature in the jewellery. The new piece of jewellery should be similar in at least one respect to the jewellery your wife wears now. For example, it could be the same colour of gold but you could choose a bold, colour gemstone. Or conversely, you could stick to a similar design but try it in a colour of gold your wife doesn't already have (rose gold is of course a romantic choice).

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For those who aren’t feeling so adventurous and want to choose a classic as well as for those who are not sure about the choice at all, here are some tips that won’t ever disappoint:

A diamond ring as a symbol of eternal love

Rings and love simply go together. And diamond rings even more so. You may have already come across the term eternity ring. It’s a ring in the form of a thinner band that is set with small diamonds all the way around the band. The number one choice as a gift for a wife. And why is that?

  • Because it is made using high quality, long lasting materials, it will retain its beauty for generations to come.
  • Its timeless design will withstand any changes in fashion trends.
  • Eternity rings layer really well, so they'll complement engagement or wedding ring very nicely.
  • It may sound like a cliché, but they really do suit ALL hands.
  • You can be original even with design: try black diamonds or a uniquely shaped ring, for example.
  • They are symbolically associated in particular with important milestones in a relationship and in marriage.

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Jewellery with a gemstone = jewellery with a story

What is the magic of gemstones and why do women love them so much? Each has its own personal history and symbolism. Did you know that moldavite was created many millions of years ago when a meteorite hit the earth? And that the piercing violet-blue tanzanite was originally a brown stone that only acquired its colour through exposure to high temperatures? That's why it was only discovered relatively recently by Maasai herders after a fire which was caused by a lightning strike.

Natural gemstones have fascinated people with their beauty since time immemorial but they also represent an attractive investment and something to hand down to future generations. This is because their price is constantly rising. But how to choose the right one? Well for example, based on your wife's favourite colour (blue and pink stones in particular are among bestsellers) or some symbol that has some meaning for both of you, or even her star sign. You’ll be able to find a lot of inspiration on our blog.

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A wedding anniversary gift? We have a tip for you

Terms like silver or gold wedding anniversary are well known. But you might be surprised to know that other anniversaries also have their “own” gemstone. While you'll come across all sorts of lists that vary by a greater or lesser degree, some anniversaries stay the same:

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