It is said that diamonds are eternal. They've dazzled women for centuries, and they are a symbol of lasting beauty and luxury. Their glittering shine is unique and inimitable. Meet the best friend of every woman - the diamond.

The diamond is the hardest mineral in the world - it is 58 times harder than any other natural material. It is a crystalline form of carbon, which originates in the earth's upper mantle under high pressure. Diamonds can be found in several places in the world. Botswana, Russia and Canada have the highest diamond production.

The diamond is used in many industries. In some industries, rough diamonds are used for diamond grinding wheels or for making special diamond paste. Most diamonds are used in the jewellery industry, adjusted to the desired shapes.The most famous diamond cut is the brilliant cut.

People have always believed in diamonds' magical power; sovereigns believed that they helped to supply power and invincibility. Today the diamond remains a symbol that reminds us of the rare and important moments of our lives - engagement, birth, anniversaries, and our deepest loves.


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