Investing in diamonds is one of the most stable ways to reinforce your funds. Diamond jewellery is becoming family wealth.

People have always wondered how they could invest their spare cash in the best way - with the greatest return and minimal effort. Investing in real estate, works of art, gold, precious stones and diamonds, of course!

Investing in diamonds has recently been one of the most stable investment opportunities, with constant price increases and minimal risk.

The value of diamonds increases regularly by 5 to 10 percent every year. Over the past 100 years, their price has fallen only twice, in the 1970s and 2008.

Why invest in diamonds?

Concentrated investment - you will not find a comparable value in the same volume.

Example: an 11.83 ct diamond - 14.6 mm diameter, 9 mm height - price approximately 1.2 million EUR. At a comparable price, the worth would equal 30 kg of pure gold.

Continuous and constant price increase - the price of diamonds increases annually by an average of 5-10% every year.

The most stable investment of the last decade - diamonds are the most stable investment of the past few years along with gold, mainly due to its conservative and steady rise in prices.

Symbols of luxury and wealth - diamonds have always been and will continue to be the symbol of luxury and wealth - they are part of treasures, crown jewels and heritages of generations. Also, famous celebrities like to be decorated with diamond jewels in dizzying values. Diamonds are simply eternally popular.

Discretion of the investment - diamond ownership is not registered anywhere - nobody will know about it if you don’t want them to - unlike real estate or other movable property.

Family Wealth - A diamond jewel you give as a gift always expresses your deepest feelings, affection, gratitude and love. It is a gift that is not forgotten and becomes a valued gem in the family, often handed down from generation to generation. Diamond jewelery is a timeless gift.

Indestructible investment - the diamond has exceptional physical properties - it is the toughest mineral on the planet, it is resistant to all chemical compounds and it tolerates extremely high temperatures (up to 1300 ° C).

What to watch out for?

The truth of a diamond - if you are not an expert, you can hardly recognize the difference between a true diamond and its imitation (for example, zircon).

Stone Origin - A diamond that's a safe investment will have a certificate from a gemological lab, be wrapped and be lasered.

Do you know what conflict diamonds are? Conflict diamonds are those that are exploited in war zones and through their subsequent illegal sale, these war conflicts are further financed (by purchasing weapons, etc.).

VAT in EU countries - the price of diamonds in EU countries is increased by VAT.



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